Feel Like Giving Up? Part 2

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Believers, let’s resolve to never give up; never give up on walking with God.  Never give into despair, doubt and unbelief. Never cut our years short or decide to embrace a misguided lifestyle, with its dark feelings, as an intentional way to spend time. Keep on resisting evil. Keep on choosing hope.  Move away from the downside and toward the upside and the goodness of God. To be trapped in difficulties, not knowing precisely how to get free, is one thing; to love darkness and embrace it with gusto as a chosen lifestyle is something altogether different.


I am writing to anyone held captive to one sort of problem or another; people longingdirectory-466935_1280 for victory and not sure where to find it.  God has great compassion for you and He is more than willing to help.  As for the other group, those who have abandoned themselves to dark activities; I assume those folks who love missing the mark do not “feel like giving up” and would never read this article. On the other hand, people who “feel like giving up” are seeking change, looking for answers and want hope, encouragement, and light; they’re looking for ways to move forward into a better future. Those are the folks I’m speaking to.

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Feel Like Giving Up? Part 1

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Recently a discouraged young man told me he felt like giving up. Every day he battled the same old problem. It was a tough struggle and victory seemed illusive. Can you relate?  If not, likely you know someone who can.  Many people are in this situation; folks all around are battling overwhelming enemies of various kinds. I am not speaking here of human enemies but of enemies such as addiction, poverty, rejection, failure, fear, lonliness, lust, inner brokenness, anger, depression and lack of purpose; enemies in the unseen realm.

Rather than soaring on the heights this man found himself dwelling in a low place, a valley-of-decision. Would he succumb to the pressure to give up, or not?  What is the way through a dry place, a fiery trial such as this?  Is there a way out?  Is there hope for the future? Yes!

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