Exampling Sidewalk Evangelism


Yesterday I happened upon a divine appointment while walking for exercise. I’ve found that talking with folks along my route is a great way to keep walks interesting and to practice following the leading of Holy Spirit and loving people I’ve never met before. So I tend to keep a lookout for potential encounters as I go. Here’s what happened:

When I caught up to this man I just up and asked him if anyone had told him about Jesus Christ. It’s the first thing I said to him. He was willing to talk. He said he knew about Him. I asked if he’d received Jesus into his heart. Still with an open attitude that surprised me, he went on the say that he had been raised to know God but had not walked down that path as an adult. He’d taken a different route. We were quiet for a moment. Then I said, “Maybe it’s time to reconsider that decision.”

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