Exampling Sidewalk Evangelism


Yesterday I happened upon a divine appointment while walking for exercise. I’ve found that talking with folks along my route is a great way to keep walks interesting and to practice following the leading of Holy Spirit and loving people I’ve never met before. So I tend to keep a lookout for potential encounters as I go. Here’s what happened:

When I caught up to this man I just up and asked him if anyone had told him about Jesus Christ. It’s the first thing I said to him. He was willing to talk. He said he knew about Him. I asked if he’d received Jesus into his heart. Still with an open attitude that surprised me, he went on the say that he had been raised to know God but had not walked down that path as an adult. He’d taken a different route. We were quiet for a moment. Then I said, “Maybe it’s time to reconsider that decision.”

He agreed with me, saying maybe it is, now that he’s moved. I asked him where he moved from. Tucson Arizona was his


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answer. I pulled out my Fire Starter for Jesus cards, still half expecting him to try to run away from me or shut me down. No. That’s not what happened. He watched me pull the little card holder out of my back pocket, open it up and pull out a card. I wasn’t sure where to take the conversation next so I thought about it as I got the card out.

After giving him the card, I pointed out my blog and YouTube channel information on the front and told him about the message on the back. I explained that if he wanted to reconnect with God the back would help him do that. He turned it over and glanced at that side. I also pointed out the email address and told him I could give him the names of some good churches in the area if he liked the radical type; the type that believes the Holy Spirit is real, that God’s gifts like healing and prophecy are for today, and that the Bible is true. If that’s the kind he’s interested in, then he could email me and I’d give him some names. There are several in the area. I also explained that if he wants a more subdued type church that he should probably ask somebody else because I can’t help him there.

Nothing I said seemed to put him off. It was delightfully easy to talk with him. Anyway, I encouraged this man to think about his relationship with God, to make a decision and get back to me using the email on the card if he wants some suggestions for churches. At the end of our conversation I asked him what his name was. He told me, “Anthony.”  I told him my name.  Then I walked away without really knowing whether or not I would hear from him again.

Did I say everything I could have said?  No.  But I said everything I was at peace about saying and thdandelion-729693_1920e conversation never went sideways. Saying something is a lot better than saying nothin
g and since it didn’t seem like he’d made up his mind about what he wanted, I didn’t push. I wanted his choice to be sincere so I just left it at that.  Hopefully as I talk with more people I’ll get better and better at sensing what God wants me to say to each one. And more bold about asking them if they want to recommit their lives to God right there on the spot. In the meantime I am happy with how this divine appointment transpired. Go God! Have your way in Anthony’s life.


And to my readers:  You can do this too! There are people out there who need to hear from you. People you pass by everyday looking for answers to their need. Whether they realize it or not, God is that answer. You can help them by loving them; by spending a few minutes praying for them and by introducing them to Him. If you’ll do this and listen to the Spirit of God as you talk with folks, He will help you.  The LORD knows who He wants you to talk to and what He wants you to say. Get some inexpensive materials you can pass out to people who are interested. As you step out in faith you’ll get better and better at being Spirit led and that will be a big blessing to you, too.  God bless you. Go readers! Build the Kingdom. He is coming back for a pure and spotless bride, for an ecclesia of overcomers. And he doesn’t want anyone to perish. Let’s get for the Lord Jesus Christ the reward for His suffering. You’ll be glad you did.


Copyright 2016

Other photos from Pixabay.com; no attribution required


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