Contending for Complete Healing

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The Story of a Woman

The other day I spoke with a woman who had an ongoing health condition that’s been giving her back pain for years.  She said lately it had been getting worse. I offered to pray for her for healing. Though seeming somewhat surprised by my offer, she agreed to receive healing ministry with the laying on of hands. After we finished I asked her the following question, “If your pain level had been a ten at its worst and if zero equals no pain at all, what is your pain level now?”


She replied that her pain level had dropped to a five. So her condition improved quite a bit but she did not experience complete relief, not to the point of zero pain. Experiencing partial improvement without complete relief would tend to bring some questions to mind, questions I wanted to address with her before she had the chance to ponder them and perhaps come to the wrong conclusions. She could wonder, “What do I make of this? I still feel pain. I’m not all the way better, what am I to think?  Is this all the healing I’m going to get? What’s going on here?

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Wide Awake and Ready

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After Jesus Christ lived, died, and was resurrected from the dead, he ascended into heaven and for the time being, he sits at the right hand of Father God. He rules and reigns from his throne in heavenly places while his Holy Spirit remains with us continually here in the natural realm. He is coming back one day.  The scriptures tell us Jesus will return to rule and reign on planet Earth. The written word of God also tells us to stay awake and be ready for that day because he will come soon. He will come suddenly, on a day and an hour that we will not expect. Have you ever wondered how we are to go about being ready for the Lord’s coming?  I have!  Recently the LORD has given me some new insight on this subject.

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Marching Forth March Fourth Weekend


Revival Arrival

Last weekend was monumental; a turning point in many ways. I am thrilled beyond measure and that feels really good because it’s been a long time since I’ve genuinely felt THIS excited about any goings on. Get ready to hear about all the turnkey events! They indicate the sparks of a new revival have come to light on the people and places right where I live. Can’t wait to tell you about it! Continue reading