Contending for Complete Healing

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The Story of a Woman

The other day I spoke with a woman who had an ongoing health condition that’s been giving her back pain for years.  She said lately it had been getting worse. I offered to pray for her for healing. Though seeming somewhat surprised by my offer, she agreed to receive healing ministry with the laying on of hands. After we finished I asked her the following question, “If your pain level had been a ten at its worst and if zero equals no pain at all, what is your pain level now?”


She replied that her pain level had dropped to a five. So her condition improved quite a bit but she did not experience complete relief, not to the point of zero pain. Experiencing partial improvement without complete relief would tend to bring some questions to mind, questions I wanted to address with her before she had the chance to ponder them and perhaps come to the wrong conclusions. She could wonder, “What do I make of this? I still feel pain. I’m not all the way better, what am I to think?  Is this all the healing I’m going to get? What’s going on here?

The way she answers these questions is important. How she interprets what’s happened to her can make the difference between engaging in faith to receive progressive healing from God and not seeing any more improvement at all, perhaps even losing the progress she’d just received. It would be an unwise move for her to give up by thinking thoughts such as, “Well, God isn’t going to heal me after all.” She needed instruction to know how to navigate this new experience, so I supplied some. I spoke up quickly, preventing her from having time to get into agreement with the wrong voice. I didn’t want her to come to any conclusions that might open the door to doubt or unbelief.

After she listened to my suggestions about what to do at this point, she asked me if I’d write down what I’d told her so she could remember it better. Wow!  I realized her request had just given me a specific topic for my next blog post. You see, it’s easier for me to write with a particular purpose. Answering a specific question asked by a real person is just more effective than is addressing a hypothetical situation when nobody asked anything.

Writing It Down

So this blog topic, of what to do when you’ve experienced a partial supernatural healing in your body, is dedicated to her. Though the advice offered here is specific to her situation it has general application for anyone who is experiencing divine healing as a process. Others out there have had similar experiences with supernatural healing in the past and some will have such experiences in the future, and so I offer these suggestions to all, so that you all will receive the full extent of supernatural healing God has for you.

Now back to the question:  What to do?  How do you react to partial divine healing?  What’s a helpful way to process the experience? What conclusions can you make about God, his intentions, his ability and his heart?  What would he have you do from this point on? Here are some general guidelines on this matter:

  •  Begin by being thankful. Recognize you are better off now than you were just previously. Express your gratitude to God for the improvement you just experienced in your body. Praise God for every bit of progress you got toward your complete healing. This accomplishes a number of things. It keeps you moving in an attitude of gratitude and away from adopting any attitude of entitlement or ungratefulness. It keeps you humble.  It keeps you positive. It opens you to the possibility of receiving more. It also keeps you focused on God, the source of your healing. Gratitude makes a good container for faith. So praise God with a smile and do it out loud. Go on! Enjoy what he has done so far. Celebrate with the person who prayed for you. It’s good for you and it’s good for them, and it establishes an atmosphere of faith for getting more. Click here to read related scripture: Philippians 4:4-9


  • Believe Father God wants you to be completely healed. He loves all of his children. We are all his favorites. Do not doubt his will for your life. He has compassion for you as much as for any other person he created. He wants you to experience all he has for you. Do not doubt his goodness, his compassion, his love, or his ability. When Jesus went from place to place the Bible says he healed all of the people who followed him, not just some of them. Believe it!  The related scripture is: Matthew 12:14-16.


  • Next, keep in mind that healing is a process. Miracles may happen instantaneously but supernatural healing often occurs over time. Natural healing, as placed into creation by the Father, takes place over time and divine healing can be similar. Think about how your body recovers from a cold virus or heals from an injury and you will remember experiences in your own life when healing took time. God’s divine healing can occur somewhat like natural healing.  It can be initiated by prayer and take place as a process over time; a process of just a few minutes, or a few hours, or even longer.


  • So after you receive healing ministry believe God is continuing to work on your behalf. Believe God loves you, he answers prayer, and your body is better off now than it was before. Believe God will heal you over time. You may need to receive more healing prayer ministry, later, to jump start a second round of divine healing, or you may not. He might have just initiated a healing that will progress from here on. There is no predictable, predetermined formula for healing. God does things the way he wants to and he enjoys surprising us. Stay open, be faith filled, keep believing and keep listening for what to do to co-labor with God in your unique healing experience. See:  Luke 17:13-15.


  • God may use multiple people to bring his healing to you. Set your expectations on God, not on the person who prayed for you. God could send someone else to you the second time around, or have a group stand in faith for you. Be receptive to receiving his healing from whoever he sends your way because ultimately he is the source. Remember, healing is a process. Also remember your healer is Holy Spirit, not the person who did the ministry and our healing comes because of what Jesus did. People are the wire; God is the fire and the glory goes to him. See 1 Peter 2:23-25.


  • Healing ministry is a declaration of war. When you get healed, more of heaven is coming to earth and the enemy of our souls is losing ground. Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” There is no sickness in heaven. God wants the reality of heaven to become our reality on planet Earth. In fact, scripture says Christians are already seated with Christ Jesus in heavenly places. Believe that you are seated in Christ and you are completely healthy, absolutely happy, and full of peace. That’s the reality we are calling to earth. It’s already true about you from the perspective of heaven. Now let’s see that heavenly truth become your experience in the natural realm.  See Ephesians 2:4-7.


  • Cultivate a stance of faith. This will likely require some retraining of your thought processes. That’s OK. It’s good for you.  Practice speaking words of faith about what Father God is doing in your body. Declare his promises. Speak words of life and health over yourself. Resist saying negative words tainted with doubt and unbelief. Declare his goodness over yourself. Declare his great love for you as an individual person, as a child of his.  Insist on believing that God is at work healing you because he is good.


  • Claim his scriptural promises. Look them up. And speak them out loud when you think about your health. Your words will not only cheer yourself up but they will also become declarations to the invisible, supernatural realm around you. Your words will activate heaven to move on your behalf and they’ll push dark forces away. Your words are very important so resist speaking words that give power to the illness or injury you are battling; rather speak words that release God’s power to work on your behalf.  See Acts 14:8-10; Also: Matt 9:28; Matt 21:22; John 17:20-22


  • Be aware that your words are a confession of what you believe. It is rare for people to have complete control over our tongues at all times. Keep alert. Keep a watch over what you say and practice speaking life. If you say something and realize afterwards that your words were contrary to faith, then just repent. Apologize to God. Use your mouth again; this time to release the blood of Jesus over those words because his precious blood blots out our shortcomings.


  • Ask for and receive God’s forgiveness as soon as you realize you need it. His Son’s blood erases your shortcomings in the spiritual realm. As quickly as you repent, your misspoken words will be removed and you’ll be standing there shining, forgiven and clean. Don’t give it another thought. Don’t waste your time feeling bad about what you said.


  • Stay positive!  Receive the mercy he gives you. Beating yourself up with all kinds of feelings like guilt, shame, and self-condemnation just makes you weaker body, soul and spirit. You don’t have to punish yourself. Jesus already took your punishment on himself. The faster you can move on, to embrace his grace, the better. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Rather than focusing on where you messed up, just deal with the slip quickly and then fix your eyes back on Jesus. Get back to speaking words of life as quickly as possible after you admit your mistake. Return to practicing your positive declarations. That will delight God to no end; you are moving in faith when you trust his grace. See: James Chapter 3; 1 John 1:8-10; Nehemiah 8:9-11.


  • Recognize your experience of the LORD’s healing can vary significantly from other people’s experience, or even from your own experience of his healing in another area. You may get completely healed when you first request it; or it may take time for you to experience full restoration. Only God knows all the reasons why he works the way he does in any given situation. Just keep pressing on with faith for more! Even Jesus prayed a second time for someone to receive a complete healing. If he can pray twice for someone than we surely can do that many repeats, or more. See:  Mark 8:23-25.


  • Ask why gently.  God doesn’t owe us any explanations about why he does things in one way at one time and in a different way at another different time. Though he may explain if he chooses, sometimes asking why is a hindrance because it causes us to come up with ideas that are really just our own explanations.  If God gives us revelation, that knowledge will be useful to us but guesses can be counterproductive.  If you don’t get an answer from him then just press on with trust in your heart. What he looks for in us is faith and that’s what will help us through. We need faith and gratitude.


  • Persevere! We want to be believing-believers, so don’t give up. The only way you can lose is by quitting and giving in to despair. What good does that do? Wear out your enemy with your tenacious persistence! Hold onto life! Keep hoping. Keep declaring. Keep asking God to expose and remove anything that may be blocking your healing. Believe he will do so as you ask. He gives good gifts to his children. Have patience. Keep on believing for what you long to see happen. You can do it.


  • Draw on the LORD’s strength; his power; his ability. This discipline of persistent faith is good for you. It’s what Abraham exampled. Persistent faith will transfer to many other areas of life so hang in there. Giving up is the only alternative and it produces bad fruit. Never give up because God doesn’t give up on you! See: Galatians 5:22-23; Romans 4:18-19; 1 Corinthians 13:4-13.


  • Disclaimer: See your doctor as usual. Do what you usually would do regarding normal medical care. Divine healing isn’t a substitute for your physician’s care. It is important you understand this article is about faith for divine healing. It is written for informational purposes only from a spiritual perspective and is not intended as medical advice or medical instruction. That sort of thing is in your doctor’s realm of expertise. Follow the directions of your trusted medical physician.


Back to the Story

Now back to my story about this woman with the health problem. I met with her again yesterday, which was about half a week after the first time. She said her pain levels continue to be lower than they had been prior to that first experience with healing ministry. She seemed pleased and was very receptive to more.  I laid hands on her. It was for a while longer this time. Afterward she said her pain went from an eight down to a three.  The job isn’t done yet but that is a big improvement. Now she’s feeling better physically than before and besides, her faith is growing. She’s experiencing God’s love in a tangible way. I’m excited to see what will happen when I see her next.

Does this stir up a desire in you to experience supernatural healing? Do you know where to go to receive some? I encourage you to believe for healing in your own life.

Help from Healing Rooms

If you need someone to pray for you and don’t know where to go, check out the International Association of Healing Rooms website for a Healing Room location near you. Go to God is good. He loves you. He came to give you a more abundant life. Believe him for it. Keep on believing. See what he will do to give you what he promised as you trust in him.  See: John 10:10. God bless you with good health! Oh, and leave a comment, a question, or an encouraging word if you would, before you go. I’d like to hear back from you.


Copyright 2016

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