ABC’s of Receiving God…


… the Father of Lights

You can become a son or daughter of Father God and a light in this world by following these spiritual ABC’s with sincerity.  Understand what you are about to read below and say these words with your heart engaged, meaning them from your innermost being, and you will begin a whole new life.


AAccept Your Creator as Your Father:

Say, “God who made the stars above and everything on the earth beneath, I agree to  become your child. Receive me now as your newly adopted one. I want to know you as my Father. I receive you.”


BBelieve He Paid for You to Become His Child:

Say, “I believe you sent your Son Jesus Christ to pay the price for my adoption. I belcemetery-1169701_640ieve that,
because you love me, you sent your precious Son to give his innocent life-blood to blot out my shortcomings, to make me blameless, and to set me free from evil. Because he died and afterwards rose to life, I can become your child and that’s just what I want to do. Thank you for this free gift. I give myself to you right now.”


CCommit Yourself to God Forever:  

Say, “LORD, send your Spirit of adoption into my being. I open up my heart to you now and receive you as my Father. I give all of who I am to you in exchange for all of who you are. Let’s get started at this lifelong journey of getting to know each other better. I join your family right now. Live in me. So be it.”


D- Do Continue in What You Have Begun:

baptism-106057_640Next it’s a good idea to get baptized. Water baptism is something believers go through because it’s an outward representation of an inward truth. You have become God’s child by believing his Son Jesus Christ died for you and was raised to life by Father God.  You were united with Jesus in his death and also in his resurrection. This is represented by being lowered under water and then lifted out again. Because Jesus lives, you do too. You now have a new life in the LORD.


When you believed in your heart and spoke about it the Spirit of God entered your being. You are now a new creation and adopted into his forever family.  Your water baptism will demonstrate this new reality.  Along with water baptism, you also will want to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit as soon as possible. This spiritual baptism brings about an outpouring of the power of God to help you in your new life. Read the scripture links associated with this paragraph and you will understand better what this is.


father-1004022_1920Of course, now that you are his child you will want to get to know your Father better, as well as your new siblings. You have been birthed into the family of God. You’ll want to begin growing up in him. Welcome to your forever family and to a new relationship with the LORD God who loves you more than any human being possibly could. Your passion for him will inspire you to keep developing this new relationship you have with the LORD. Continue to eat good spiritual food and to act on what you are learning; feedng yourself will help you grow up in him. Getting to know some spiritual brothers and sisters and doing life with them will help too. God bless you.



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2 thoughts on “ABC’s of Receiving God…

  1. It’s better than the old “4 Spiritual Laws” approach, for sure!
    Just a couple of typo’s: in the “D” paragraph the word “represented” and in the following paragraph the word “baptism” are spelled incorrectly. For the first paragraph about the Father who made the stars, a picture from Astronomy Picture of the Day would be nice.


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