Note to the Reader

The LORD is Bigger than Any of Us

As you read my blog posts, keep in mind we are all people in process. I am sharing my understanding of spiritual things at a specific point in time, giving you scripture references as much as is practical and using language as clear as I know how to make it at present. I realize the words I choose may mean different things to different people. You may know other ways of expressing what I am saying; ways that speaks more clearly to yourself and your friends than the words I’ve chosen.


You Be You and I’ll Be Me

You are welcome to be you and to express things in your own unique way. You are powerful. You can think differently than I do and express things in the unique way God made you. You have the God given freedom to choose what you believe. We all do.


Let’s Give One Another Room to Grow in God

As I grow, learn more, and my understanding deepens, I may adjust the way I explain things.  Down the road I might choose new vocabulary too; different words that make what I am saying more clear.  I resolve to keep walking with God and digging deeper in Him. I reserve the right to change my thinking in the future if need be and you can do that too. For no human being has extensive, complete knowledge of God in every detail. We all know in part. The parts we know are meant to fit together into a bigger picture of the One True God.  One day we will know the LORD face to face.


Apparently Contradictory Truths Coexist

Furthermore, sometimes spiritual truths are like two sides of a coin, both sides true and together hold substance. What seems to be a contradiction on the surface of things can fit together into a cohesive whole and make lots of sense when our understanding deepens. It’s good to be aware of that and to keep asking questions. Expect various truths to fit together and work in tandem and become elements of one cohesive picture, even if it isn’t apparent how this is so at the moment.


The LORD is True to His Word

It’s also important to continue comparing what anyone asserts to be the case with what the word of God says. Whenever you learn about the LORD and from any source, keep comparing the content you are learning with what the word of God teaches. Continue growing in your knowledge and understanding of the word. Various bits of information from other sources, if true, will fit together in a unified way and be consistent with what the Bible teaches. The Bible is our reliable guide and trustworthy source. When we understand it correctly, that holy book holds together beautifully. It provides consistent trustworthy revelation from beginning to end and shows us what is truth and what is error. Keep reading the word!


Keep Adding Understanding to Understanding

Press in for more understanding when you lack it. The better we know the scriptures and the Spirit of the LORD who authored them, the more solid ground we each stand on. I hope we all keep growing in understanding. You and I are people in process, hopefully doing the best we can at present to walk with God and understand the One who is way bigger than any of us.


Be Positive!

Let’s learn from one another while focusing on the positive, so we encourage one another onward in Him. Let’s please the LORD by our love, and our willingness to keep on growing and focusing on what we can learn from each other and on what we share in common. Let’s give one another space to grow and love to spur on that growth.  Be blessed! Peace be with you.