Marching Forth March Fourth Weekend


Revival Arrival

Last weekend was monumental; a turning point in many ways. I am thrilled beyond measure and that feels really good because it’s been a long time since I’ve genuinely felt THIS excited about any goings on. Get ready to hear about all the turnkey events! They indicate the sparks of a new revival have come to light on the people and places right where I live. Can’t wait to tell you about it!

Fire of God Spreads from the Jesus People Coffee House in Tacoma, Pierce County of Washington State

  • Friday night the new Jesus People Coffee House Band marched forth. They played at a worship gathering for folks getting set free of addictions. When the band returned, they reported finding men and women full of passion for Jesus; ready to worship with abandon from the get-go; coming forward, laying on their faces up front without even having been invited up.
  • Back on the home front, the Jesus People Coffee House soared too; an awesome thing for those of us who stayed back and kept the street front hangout open. There was enough leadership to pull off both events simultaneously; no sense of something key lacking or someone crucial being missing. Maybe now we can be in two places at once, at least some of the time, releasing the Kingdom of God to Tacoma WA and surrounding areas. Being able to have folks in two locations opens up numerous possibilities!
  •  Saturday evening Pastor Ken decided to Periscope our Coffee House. It had been suggested before, more than once, but I think we were feeling a bit shy to go live. Well was that ever the thing to do!  About 80 viewers scoped us that evening and most kept watching for more than just a few minutes. Folks stayed tuned in until the last song. The positive comments were flying. Periscope about tripled the reach of the Coffee House on our first broadcast! We’d been wanting to find a way to get the word out and the answer was right there on our phones. Watch the new Jesus People Coffee House Band now

Glory Waves Now Released from SRC in Newcastle, King County

  •  Sunday night God gave me a surprise gift; I got to enjoy the glory of Seattle Revival Center’s “Northwest Rumble” from an unexpectedly close vantage point. How exciting to find a bonafide revival complete with ecstatic worship, instantaneous healing and genuine deliverance. People freed from smoking tossed their cigarettes to the floor and stomped on them. It was so much fun. Literally I could feel waves of glory passing over me like water waves at the ocean; again, again, and again.
  • Glory waves seem to be hallmark of this weekend; I’ve experienced them in  abundance at the Coffee House and at SRC. How refreshing! The Spirit of God is like fine apple wine and getting filled to overflow has a similar effects, without the hangover. The Presence of God is not limited by time, or space, or streaming. Those glory waves can be experienced even from archives. I don’t know how God does it, but he sure does do it! And what He’s doing for me he wants to do for you, too. I am sure of it. Draw near. He’s here. Go to SRC Live

Stepping Out in New Ways

  •  My new YouTube channel and blog got set up over the weekend and a bunch of videos uploaded so you can see what’s been happening. There are 30 videos now. All this stepping out is a major adventure for me in Jesus, if you don’t realize it. So, wow, look at all that’s happened in just a few days! What a wonderful weekend Take me to the Fire Starter For Jesus channel.
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