“A Yielded Life” Prayer

Somebody posted, “The Other Serenity Prayer,” on Facebook. Feeling a bit poetic and creative, it inspired me to write my own, so here goes. I hope you like it:


A Yielded Life

God, grant me eyes to see the love you already have for me, so I’ll stop trying to earn what I have already been given for free.

God, grant me the courage to face my mistakes knowing you’ve already forgiven them and paid for them, when your Son died for me on that tree.

God, grant me the faith to receive your great love for me, to be healed, delivered, transformed by you, and set free.

God, Grant me the wisdom to stop trying to only live FOR you, as I learn to LIVE IN YOU, with YOU in ME.

I choose to embrace a yielded life, encountering each NOW moment, one at a time; surrendered to you, empowered through you, guided by you, bringing glory to you.

Ever ready to get back in step whenever I may lose the cadence, get off beat and out of sync with your sweet Spirit. I open my ears and listen for that next drum beat. Eyes on You, in everything I do. You see me through. Amen!






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